– The Flash earns $55.1M at the North      American box office with its time-traveling adventure

– The Flash, starring Ezra Miller, rakes in $55.1  million at the North American box office this weekend, BoxOfficeMojo.com      reports on Sunday

– The Flash movie draws inspiration from      the 2011 comic-book saga Flashpoint by Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert.

– "Warner Bros. Executives worked  hard   to Convince Audiences that 'The Flash' is a Cinematic Marvel Among   Superhero Films"

– "The Flash Embarks on a      Time-Traveling Journey to Alter His Mother's Fate, Unleashing the Vast DC      Multiverse in the Process"

– "The Flash Soars in People's Reviews:      ERZA Miller Shines as the Most Radiant Superhero"

Globally, the film accumulated a $130.1 million, with an impressive international revenue of $75 million 

Ezra Miller, the star of "The Flash," made a grand return to the spotlight after nearly a two-year hiatus by gracing the movie's premiere on June 12.