FINAL FANTASY XVI free demo is available for the game on PlayStation 5 gives you experience of  vibrant world and fast-paced action combat.

You can Play the opening of the game followed by flash back to Clive’s teenage years, where he is developing his skills as a master swordsman.

This mission involves facing dangerous goblins also  will meet Clive's family, including his younger brother Joshua, who possesses the power of the Phoenix, as well as his mother and his father, the Archduke of Rosaria 

At the end of the main demo, you will unlock an extra chapter that takes place later in the game, allowing you to experience and play through that particular section

Tips and tricks for the FINAL FANTASY XVI demo | Don’t hold back special attacks | Be precise - don’t button mash | 

TIPS : Experiment with the different accessories | Upgrade your skills | respec your skills at any time